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简介 About US


腕表新时代  是第一个旨在向中国和海外华人腕表爱好者和收藏者介绍国际小众腕表品牌和独立制表品牌,以及发布小众腕表社区相关消息和新闻的中文网站。欢迎广大爱好者和小众腕表品牌商关注支持。该平台由美国圣鸽蒙表业公司提供赞助支持。

Microbrand Watch Times is the first Chinese language platform that exclusively promotes international microbrand watches to Chinese audiences. The frequent updated portal provides brand news and reviews to collectors and consumers in the greater China and overseas markets.


If you are interested in introducing and promoting your watch brand to massive Chinese market, please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to introduce your watches to Chinese consumers worldwide. We offer watch reviews, news releases, advertising and marketing services.

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